Terra Vitis Certification

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Since 2021, a handful of cooperators have chosen to commit to Terra Vitis, and 27% of our vineyards now have this certification.

Terra Vitis is a sustainable development approach that takes into account several aspects of winegrowing : agro-ecological work in the vineyard, the well-being of employees and fair remuneration for winegrowers. At every stage from production to vinification, and also marketing the wine, inputs to both the vineyard and cellar are kept to a minimum.

Since 2021, some cooperative members have decided to go even further and have chosen to join Terra Vitis

These winegrowers encourage the development of healthy soils and each intervention is reasoned, justified and limited to what is strictly necessary.


Olivier Verlaguet, 38, runs the Cougourlier EARL (EARL: Exploitation Agricole à Responsabilité Limitée – a particular legal status enabling several farmers to work together as a company) in Saint-Gilles, at the gateway to the Camargue. His 35-hectare vineyard has been HVE and Terra Vitis certified since 2020. He also keeps bees, and currently manages 120 hives. 

Olivier spent his childhood with his father, a winegrower, surrounded by vines. On the advice of his family, stemming from a crisis in the wine industry, he originally decided to study optometry.

However, Olivier was soon caught up by his love of nature and bought his first beehive at the age of 26. Initially an amateur, the adventure turned professional when his father retired. His dream finally came true when he took over the family wine business. 

Steadfast in his choice to produce wine in the most respectful way possible, and thanks to the support of Vignerons Créateurs, he is now completely committed to an environmental approach that meets his expectations. He obtained the HVE label in 2020 and then Terra Vitis (a sustainable development certification) the following year. 

A real source of pride, Olivier’s bees produce 300 kg of honey a year, supplying our 4 shops with his Camargue honey. 

His passion and commitment to sharing are the values that continue to motivate him every day, and he has every intention to pass on his enthusiasm to his children.

Olivier encourages the development of good soil structure and soil biodiversity by limiting the use of pesticides and certain fertilisers, and any intervention is reasoned, justified and limited to what is strictly necessary.