Our IGP Pays d’Oc


Between the Mediterranean and the Cévennes, our vineyards are blessed with a variety of terroirs. Our Pays d’OC PGI wines are either varietal or blended wines. Our aim is to bring out the distinctive character of each grape variety. 

With a wide range of grape varieties, this appellation is as diverse as it is varied, producing unique wines with intense concentration and a wide range of aromas.

The sensory diversity of our wines is expressed in the fruity, floral whites produced from Chardonnay grapes, dry whites made from Muscat Petit Grains, the light, fruity rosés produced from Cinsault and Grenache noir grapes. Our reds, produced from Syrah and Merlot grapes, are bursting with concentrated red fruits and silky tannins.

Coste Canet

The Coste Canet range takes its name from the plateau overlooking the town of Bellegarde and the river Rieu. Composed of plots of young vines, this range represents the revival of Vignerons Créateurs vineyards, producing fresh, lively, varietal wines that convey the dynamism of our winemakers!



Family estate. Delphine took over the business in 2017. This winemaker decided to shake things up and unveiled a range of bi-varietal wines using agroenvironmental methods.

Clairette – Chardonnay in white, Cinsault -Caladoc in rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Franc in red.

Domaine Taliani

* visual from the 2023 vintage onwards

The Domaine Taliani range comes from Jean-Christophe Taliani’s family estate on the Garons plateau, south-east of Nîmes. For four generations, this family has managed the beautiful vineyard, which achieved organic status in 2018. For young winemakers, organic farming is good for our land, our planet, and our health and that of our children. The estate now comprises around 8 hectares of Syrah grapes, 4.5 hectares of Chardonnay and 4 hectares of Grenache noir.