Our AOP Clairette de Bellegarde


The Clairette de Bellegarde vineyard is unique, intimate and confidential. Only a handful of winemakers have been working on this Clairette Blanche mono-variety, which has been classified as an AOP (PDO) since 1949. The exceptional vineyard is located on the terrace of Bellegarde, between Nîmes and Arles, where the landscapes alternate between vineyards, cypresses, apricot orchards and peach trees.

This unique and rare Clairette Blanche grape variety gives original and fresh wines! An embodiment of tradition, each bottle of Clairette de Bellegarde is the result of meticulous and passionate work, from the cultivation of the vines through to the bottling.
This varietal offers us fresh and saline wines with aromas of white flowers and white fruits such as pear, and over time, as the older vines gain in amplitude and smoothness, the wines exude aromas of honey and linden (basswood) tree.

La Sérigraphie

Clairette Sérigraphie is much more than just wine. It is a symbol of the tradition, passion and heritage that have been perpetuated for generations in the town of Bellegarde, in the Gard, all of which are represented by the horse and bull found on the bottle. A dry and fruity wine that reflects an exceptional terroir.


For this cuvée, Clairette Blanche grapes grown and vinified organically are a selected plot by plot.

The grapes, harvested at night, undergo direct pressing and static cold settling, followed by low-temperature fermentation which give this wine a unique minerality and freshness.