Out of the Ordinary


To complete our range of wines, we introduce you to our original creations based on Muscat Petits Grains. This grape variety, which originated in ancient Greece, has a natural place in our region steeped in history. The only grape variety to offer the aroma of fresh grapes, the wines we offer are as surprising as they are elaborate.

Mille Douceurs

This wine is an original creation from the Vignerons Créateurs. It is produced using Muscat Petits Grains grapes which are harvested at night and then vinified in the traditional way, with a settling of the must.  

A touch of rectified concentrated must (RCM) has been added to this wine to enhance body and bring a certain sweetness.

Mille Bulles

New to our range, this varietal Muscat Petits Grains sparkling wine is made from the fermentation of a still dry white wine base that has been carbonated in closed tanks at low temperature. 

Festive and extremely refreshing, you will be pleasantly surprised by this creation!