Organic Certification

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We are proud that in 2022, 19% of our vineyards were certified organic, and with an upward trend year on year.

Organic farming is an approach very much favored in Europe, concentrating on protecting biodiversity and the general environment. Taking good care of the soil to ensure good fertility is an integral part of this approach. 

The principal challenge is to limit the use of chemical inputs (herbicides are banned) and to work with the natural soil ecosystem, so that the vines can draw on all the resources they need to develop and flourish.


In 2022, Romain Fournier, 40, decided to take over the family wine and olive-growing venture from his father, Jean-Louis. After a career as an industrial affairs manager, this city-dweller from the Lyon region returned to his roots in the Gard to become the 5th generation to take up the reigns of the family business, a business which has been committed to organic farming for over 10 years.

To understand this approach, we look back to 1988 when Jean-Louis took over the farm from his father and named it « Le Domaine des Grès Rouges ». 

In 2008, he began the process of converting his farm to organic farming (a certification he obtained in 2012).

Here his motivations were simple, as the family wanted to practice a more environmentally-friendly agriculture, reducing inputs and avoid using chemical products in their vineyards. This would help limit health risks for winegrowers, and contribute to producing ‘healthy’ products, as well as being able to pass on a ‘healthy’ farm to future generations.

With 9 grape varieties spread over 13 hectares bordered by olive trees and table grapes, Jean-Louis and Romain’s approach to this certification demonstrates their unwavering commitment to ensuring the survival of their estate, which has been in existence since 1870!

The Fournier family has seen the birth of Vignerons Créateurs, and is proud today to produce the only wine in our AOP Costières de Nîmes range that is issued from a certified organic estate.